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■ - ■ _ ■ _j ones, trapped by a roc K- slide in the honeycombed mine where he has worked Highier-Ed"ication Measure Survives Bitter Protest By RICHARD CHARNQCKr"~fstudents ' in northern and south- resented at public- hearings, but nri KT?

) —I he House or Vnpwweare accused of sec- pays the' taxes they enact.

Three Sons 2SL— NGAA-Baskelball-^- 5 — Hogan's Heroes ~~- m!

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(UPI) — Eight men and a woman race arraignment "oh"chhr Res involv- - ing terror bombings on the San Francisco Peninsula.


Kcllwnoii officials,' and Magic Valley's ability to provide see-" "ond- morninc delivery to West .

Among chamber of- ficials who have assisted In securing the location of the Kellwood Co.

_ cm _ I wne-i SPACE" "CENTER, 1 Houston (UPI)— Two "astronauts broke Repr e sentativ e s ' p assed— Thursday., after a bitter, two- hour -debate over .

College a bill appropriating 553.5 million to higher education.?

tnilm nominated - Golda Mulr, a_ 7(1 year - old f vole with « nbstcnllonti left no lluatlon.' Tlioro lutvo -been doubt Hint President' Khneor Znlman Shninf ■ would- name Mrs, Meir lo lend tho nut Ion lie set by war crisis^ "Chromosomal Criminals" Refuted .

ES (l)P0-Tho|Tniinor,-M, wliii'ljas Iho extra theory that so-called Suprii'* ch'rnmontmie, to enter a p1cnof| males— men with un extra mnlc, Innocent by reason of insanity chrnmosonie— might bo Ixfrnlto u ohurga of aiisa Ult With criminals |ost Its first test In A Intrant.

-* is working with local officials in' threatened, areas across thhe — ; — country~~to — brace: — foi — the— arid'; the Dep_aj 'lifted -*i Urban Development and Tran.s- ;portatlon~' along- .

ate their victory over the Arabs in the -sixtday war.

o[ the award lioo RT - _ Titlg's Tiinhl s - y e a r' s bj i were hiiblisbed "in .

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