Women with daughters dating

This we may agree leads to pain and regret on the part of the girl and partially from the boy.

He isn’t the one whose womb has to be prodded on to remove a growing feotus so he can only imagine the pain though he knows the girl goes through the worst pain, fear and consequences (if there are or would be).

Young lads have sugar-coated tongues which they use to woo young naïve girls to do that which is not expected of them.

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Most have dirty secrets that would never be able to tell to their wives probably because they might lose trust in them.

It may also lead to the dissolution of the marriage, cause the children to distrust or hate their fathers.

These days, LUST has been interchanged with LOVE; it has become hard to differentiate between the two.

You can never see a boy approach a girl that has been classified as “UGLY” to ask her out, not if he has something he wants that he can’t get from other girls but thinks he can get from her.

We hear of so many women who are unable to conceive because their wombs have been lost to abortions carried out as young girls.

Young people make so many mistakes, most times this can be a good thing as they tend to learn lessons they may never forget but sometimes this may be bad.

Being able to produce sperm which transports to the ovaries to form a child is a function that can be done by a male and male only.

Not unless you are a hermaphrodite that has the male genes more pronounced than that of the female. Before a man decides he wants to have a family and is joined with a woman in holy matrimony, several events may have occurred over the past years.

A young girl who aborts a child will live with that guilt for the rest of her life.

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