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A box should appear called “Network Authentication”. Click the Settings button and uncheck the top box where it reads Verify the servers... Right-click on sjuwireless and select view connection properties. Click on “Manually connect to a wireless network” 5. On the box that opens click on the tab labeled “Security”. https://sju.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/KB/Article Det? ID=8097 How do I connect to the sjuwireless network?

Upon opening your browser, you'll see a Stockton University Wireless Access notice.

Read the "Standards Concerning Acceptable Usage of Stockton's Computing Facilities", then select I accept Stockton University's Acceptable Use Standards and click on Submit.

To set up a permanent connection using Stockton-Secure-Wireless, select it from the list of available connections and enter your go Stockton Portal username and password.

For more information on how to connect to Stockton’s wireless network, refer to the links below.

Click OK, OK, and Close to return to the Desktop 16. If prompted with a Windows Security Alert, select Connect Stockton has undergone significant improvements to both the wired and wireless network infrastructure.

Using the System Icons in the lower right, select the Network Icon17. These changes make it possible to support increased bandwidth consumption in the academic complex, as well as in the residential communities.The system will provide you with unlimited access to the Internet, but if idle for more than 15 minutes, your computer will be automatically disconnected.At this point, follow these steps again to regain access to the Internet. Click below for information on how to connect your devices to the Stockton network.You can initially connect your laptop or mobile device(s) to the internet from campus using Stockton-Wireless.If using OS X, sometimes it can take up to 10 seconds for authentication to complete.

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