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I also loved Bob [Elliott] and Ray [Goulding] and and Steve Martin. Perelman was a real big influence on Woody Allen.” take two? I can imagine what it would be, but I don’t think I’d be in it.Whenever I read interviews of people that I admired and they would start talking about their influences, I would research their influences. It would probably take place during her college years.

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Meadows plays Bill’s best friend, Paul Du Frayne, a divorced hair-replacement specialist who talks a big game but is ultimately unlucky in love.

Channeling his inner ‘Ladies Man.‘ “Leon Phelps would tell my character that you gotta try more.

A father (John Goodman) sits down with two seafarers, Captain Jim (Tim Meadows) and Pedro (Adam Sandler), to ask them a few questions before letting them take his daughters (Sarah Silverman, Melanie Hutsell) out for a double date.

Tim Meadows WENT OFF on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend -- saying he'll NEVER WATCH THE SHOW AGAIN after they excluded him from a throwback sketch.

Right before the show, I’m nervous and I’m questioning why I ever picked this profession. I remember distinctly having conversations with my mother where she used to say, ‘You gotta get out of the house.

I know even if I make a mistake we can do it over and nobody’s angry, but still I want the audience to see it in its perfection.” Coming out of his shell. My family was more surprised than anybody that I started doing comedy. You have to leave and go play outside.’ I was always a fan of comedy, and then one day I sort of came out of the closet.Meadows -- who appeared on the show from 1991 to 2001 -- swore off the show after watching the "Brasky Bar Guys" bit ...a reoccurring sketch he often appeared in during his time with the show. adding, "Not even a 'hey would you want to come to do one line and bring your kids to see the 5 directions...? Wow...""I will never watch SNL again."Meadows also explained why he thinks he's persona non grata -- and it traces back to his movie, "The Ladies Man.""Sorry the ladies man bombed," Meadows wrote ...If I were in it, I would hope that me and Tina Fey’s character would have gotten married and were college professors now.” 15 stars reveal what they would tell their younger selves His advice to young comics. And if you’re not making money in five years, you should probably find something else!When Alec Baldwin looked back at his days hosting “Saturday Night Live” in his memoir, he waxed about the brilliance of the SNL writers.“A couple of those films featured other ‘SNL’ alums,” Meadows said.

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