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Black Men accept La Var Ball & Shannon Sharpe (who never dated black wmn) having white spouses & consider them pro black because, they spend part of their time talking about racism & part time sleeping with white women but, Halle Berry & Serena Williams are Sellouts & Bed Wenches. ICHAXqp — Cynthia G (@Cynthia_G1984) November 23, 2017 Not that it’s yours or anyone else’s DAMN business who I date.

Sharpe chasing after Murphy seems like it was all in good fun, but that hasn’t stopped people from calling him out for it.

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Or at least, he was engaged the last time we checked.

Sharpe has been dating fitness instructor Katy Kellner for quite some time now, and according to her Twitter bio, she is "fiancé to #84," which is Sharpe’s old jersey number.

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