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A little bit of personal experience is sprinkled in there, but mostly it’s imagination.

CWELICH: Some people avoid profound relationships because they don’t want to get hurt; others seek them out.

Knightley is refusing digital enhancement of her breasts in publicity photos for her upcoming movie .

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KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: It’s definitely a discussion of that, which is one of the things I really liked.

It doesn’t answer the question; it allows the audience to answer the question—if that’s a question that’s answerable and I’m not convinced that it is.

It's still hard to talk about it." "There is a big pressure when you go out with someone such as Keira.

The man is meant to be the alpha in the relationship on the money and power front, and clearly I was not.

Do you generally delve into relationships in a passionate, deep way?

KNIGHTLEY: I’m an artistic type; I’m temperamental, so does that mean I can go quite deep? But I’ve never been married, so that’s a whole different level.

The twist in this sophisticated, darkly exquisite drama from writer/director Massy Tadjedin is that while Worthington is away on a business trip with Mendes, Knightley runs into her ex-boyfriend, an irresistibly charismatic French writer played by Guillaume Canet.

The film follows each couple on parallel plots through the night as they struggle with temptation.

Knightley gives a quietly devastating performance, which culminates when she leaves her former lover with the achingly delivered words: “What I wouldn’t give to have tired of you.”, and a few of her favorite things.

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