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Sinyor emphasized that she is “not speaking for Jews as a whole,” but she said the show purposely addresses Jewish issues, such as interfaith dating and opposition to circumcision.

In the brit episode, Erica tells her father in an emotional outburst, “It’s awful!

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“I purposely make characters as specific as possible in every way in order for them to be universally appealing,” Sinyor told JTA.

“Everyone comes from somewhere, and I chose to make Erica Jewish because that is where I come from and what I know best.” On the show, Erica deals with the ups and downs of romantic relationships, dramas with friends and lots of family mishegas.

You’re cutting a baby without anesthetic for no good reason. I should never have agreed to participate.” Sinyor counts herself among the small percentage of Toronto Jews who refused to have their sons circumcised.

Marci Stepak O’Connor, a Jew from Toronto now living in Montreal and married to a Catholic, says she is a fan because Erica is not complacent about her Jewishness — or anything in her life.

“Being Jewish means constantly questioning,” she said.

“Being Erica” is distributed in the United States and 85 other countries through BBC Worldwide.

Erica is the fictional, time-traveling, eponymous lead character played by Erin Karpluk in the hit Canadian TV series “Being Erica.” The show begins its third season on CBC Television on Sept. With much of the character derived from the life experience of the show’s creator and executive producer, Jana Sinyor, this fictional 30-something Toronto Jew is resonating with many young Canadian Jews who see in her something of themselves.

“Erica is Jewish like I’m Jewish: It’s not in your face, but at the same time it’s not just by the way,” said Ramona Carmelly, a professional opera singer in Toronto.

She sees a therapist who, rather than prescribing Prozac or employing standard psychoanalysis, uses time travel to treat Erica, sending her into the past, future and alternate realities to work through her issues.

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