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They were able to perform and entertain us in our own living rooms.

They were some of the first people to have their names and the details of their lives known by every American.

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Johnny Whitaker spent the better part of the 70s acting in shows such as General Hospital and Family Affair.

He also grabbed a movie role in the cult-classic musical Tom Sawyer, alongside Jodie Foster.

Additionally, this was the first time that the vast majority of people in the United States either had a television or had the ability to easily go over to somebody else’s house in order to watch something.

Because of this, the stars of the 1970s really made a huge impact on the American psyche and how American culture developed.

The siblings haven’t sung together in years, even growing slightly apart.

But after the most famous brother, Michael, died, the siblings came together for a memorial tour.Michael, Tito, Marlon, Jermaine, and Jackie were the five siblings that made up The Jackson Five.Under the guidance of their father and band manager Joe Jackson, the boys were signed underneath Motown after a short contract with Steeltown Records.In 2011 Jermaine held a tribute concert to Michael and released a solo album on Itunes for the time in 21 years.Janet was the only Jackson to continue a successful music career into the 2000’s, until retiring from the entertainment industry after marrying her current husband.The child star was sent straight into the limelight with this role.

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