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When Meyer, 27, requested joint physical and legal custody as well child support in January, Palin scoffed, “My values are such that a real American hero doesn’t ask for child support.” Meyer’s petition was granted, and he now sees his daughter twice a month.

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There is much to admire about Donald Trump.” Unable to contain her hatred, Griffin blurted out a loud “boo.” Gracefully, Kelly told her to “stop that” and added, “There’s room for the loyal opposition in this country, absolutely.” But Griffin continued, this time with her middle fingers raised and a classy, “F*** him!

In a surprising twist of events, Bristol Palin and baby daddy Dakota Meyer have gotten married.

We showed you some hilarious pictures last week, and this week is no different!

More » wasn’t enough to convince to you tune in later this month, check out Christina Milian’s latest rehearsal footage.

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Then Palin got hit for something totally unrelated.

Sarah Palin, went after comedienne Kathy Griffin in a blog post for a tasteless stunt Griffin pulled last week.

” On Tuesday, Meyer surprisingly posted a cozy snap in which Palin, 25, is seen wearing an engagement ring.

To add to the confusion, over the weekend, Meyer posted another photo with Palin on a fishing trip with the caption “Life couldn’t be better.” The couple, who share five-month-old daughter Sailor, were embroiled in a very public custody battle since her birth in December.

One final Dancing With the Stars results show, for all the marbles.

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