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As far as education, Alex has no art degrees of any sort under his belt. But, during high school, his dream was actually to attend film school, but that dream remained dormant due to his extremely introverted personality. Since then, he has released the book series Bunnywith and The Secrets of Hollywood.

The thought of social interactions during projects prevented him from pursuing that career. These releases branched out into calendars, clothing, posters, plush dolls, figurines, and multiple art exhibits.

Bicycle Built for Two Lyrics The Love Dare: Stephen Kendrick, Alex.

Alex Pardee Born and raised in Antioch, California, Alex Pardee is an up and coming artist who is breaking down many figurative aesthetic barriers.

With a style molded from years of horror movies, comic books, old school gangster rap, and severe depression and anxiety, Alex’s style is simultaneously horrific and fascinating.

Alex’s struggle within himself had a positive outcome that he intends to share with anyone with an open mind, eyes, and ears.

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His drawings became more elaborate and twisted as the number of days he spent behind white doors built up. Alex Pardee has always been drawn (no pun intended) to “different” art, whether it be old movies like The Dark Crystal and Star Wars, graffiti, skateboard art, or the likes of Strawberry Shortcake. To pay for printing expenses, he got a job at a toy store.

The first twisted comic that captured his interest was The Maxx, created by Sam Keith. He had the job for nine years and maintained a steady love/hate relationship throughout.

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