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She started her career as a child actor, starring in films such as Andre; When a Man Loves a Woman; Corrina, Corrina; and Waterworld.Biography by Jason Buchanan [-] From her memorable role in the made-for-television Alice in Wonderland (1999) to feature roles in Waterworld (1995) and Andre (1994), Tina Majorino has made a lasting impression in television and film with her youthful glow.Tina Majorino is clearly one of the most talented young actresses to come out of the early 1990s.

The surprise smash hit blew into theaters in 2004, and continues to entertain audiences around the world becoming one of the top grossing independent films and earning it the new title of "Cult Classic." In Napoleon, Majorino portrays "Deb", a quiet, shy, boondoggle door-to-door salesman (because she`s "trying to earn money for college") who quickly befriends Napoleon and his hilarious Mexican side-kick Pedro. Majorino has aspirations to produce, direct, write, and design in the very near future.

; born February 7, 1985) is an American film and television actress.

Following her role in the lavish television production of Alice in Wonderland in 1999, it came as no surprise that Majorino sought a little time out of the limelight, though audiences could rest assured that she would return in good time.

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After the 1995 movie “Waterworld,” Majorino, 28, starred in the 1999 TV movie “Alice in Wonderland” before taking a five-year break.

Following the triple threat of When a Man Loves a Woman, Corrina, Corrina, and Andre (all 1994), Majorino was soon back in the saddle with Waterworld and gearing up for an even busier year in 1997.

With three made-for-television features and a big-screen effort in the same year, it was hard for the 12-year-old black belt to practice Tang Soo Do, much less pursue any other outside interests.

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