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The objectives of your CCTV system will have an impact on what kind of system you need in terms of technical equipment, staffing and training.

Remember, CCTV may not have as great an impact on crimes that can be committed quickly, and it can mean that staff and customers stop being so vigilant to crime and violence as they rely on the CCTV system.

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In fifteen letters, you’ve communicated enough information to narrow the search for those who may be looking for someone like you — or not looking for someone like you.

Another benefit to writing this kind of ad is that you save on the cost of the ad.

If you find one you simply can’t interpret, try seaching online or asking a friend that you trust.

When it is time to write your own ad, the most important thing you should do is to be honest.

If you’re married and looking for a secret sexual partner, you can easily notate this information by writing “DL” or “NSA” in your ad.

If you’re overweight or strangely proportioned, you’ll only get into an embarrassing situation if you write “VGL” or “AT” in your description.

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Which of the points listed above do you want CCTV to help with?

Cant content be created that explains how things work in an interactive way (through gesture based computing) needing no inputs in reading and writing?

Pakistan’s rural poor including adults and children.

Can this “new” language be used to communicate complex concepts requiring deductive reasoning? Taking the case of Pakistan – Can Urdu be acceptable to all as a medium of building literacy? What level of literacy is necessary to be a performing citizen in the modern world?

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