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Mike M, an engineer on the Windows Camera team has been commenting in the support thread where the complaints are stacking up and says that a fix is in the pipeline for hopefully a September release.

That’s the good news, the bad news is that there is not a temporary fix to hold everyone over until the patch is released and since you now only have 10 days to rollback your update, for most users, they are stuck on the Anniversary build.

Cekuta was still alive when police found him in the early hours of Tuesday in the eastern village of Podbocje but he succumbed to his wounds in hospital in the afternoon.

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Last month Swedish police arrested three men on suspicion of gang-raping a woman live on Facebook to a closed group with 60,000 members.

The film has been removed from Facebook but after it circulated on the internet.

The suspects, aged 18, 20 and 24, were arrested early Sunday in an apartment in Uppsala, 45 miles north of Stockholm, in the presence of their 30-year-old victim.

The arrest were made after members of a Facebook group saw the attack streamed live and alerted police.Ales Olovec, 20, and Martin Kovac, 29, were arrested on Tuesday after Andrej Cekuta, 26, was beaten up in a Facebook Live stream and later died from his injuries.The footage showed one of the suspects kicking and punching Cekuta even as he lay unconscious on the ground'The investigating judge ordered the detention of the two suspects after questioning them,' police spokeswoman Alenka Drenik said.The Dnevnik newspaper reported that police intervened following an anonymous phone call and needed hours before getting the 20-minute video removed from the internet.By that time it had received more than 250,000 views and garnered 400 'likes' on the social media website.When Paul started having these issues a few months ago, we figured it was either a bad driver from Logitech or possibly even the Skylake CPU.

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