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Resolution should be indeed voted as to Islam wants to share the government of the world or continue to export everywhwre sectarian wars, killing, cowdard suicides and marthirdome, in order prepare to the world with terror and bloodshed for the ruling of the famous three Khalifs.Did anyone catch what the Palestinian foriegn minister said yesterday when addressing the UN.

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This resolution just calls for mechanisms to be established to bring about the desired result of a durable cease-fire etc. I have heard just about enough lies from Israel they blow up a school set up by the UN as a bomb shelter and then they kill UN workers tring to get aide to wemen and children that just want to live in peace.

A cease fire without Hamas who was doing the firing? That is why Israel will not let the press into Gaza because they can blow and kill who and what ever they want to and lie about it and most everyone will beleave them.

I just cannot believe that CNN allows this hate on their Blogs "NUKE THEM" and peopel are discussion why we need to "nuke them" If an arab somewhere said something we will make the biggest deal about it like they have the bomb and ready to drop it on our cities.

but when our politicians and Israeli politicians say something like "Nuke them" or "nuke Mecca" it is still ok even that we have it and can do it. ISRAEL USING CHEMICAL WEAPONS Israel is using White Phosphorus bombs in Gaza strikes by Imran Schah January 05, 2009 Gaza: Israeli army has crossed all the limits now and without caring about the 1980’s Geneva Convention; it is using the White Phosphorus bombs in the very congested parts of Gaza strip.

A resolution from the council, particularly one that passes with such large support, can put international pressure on parties involved in a conflict. Israel has said that it would not be the first to use nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

But they are in no way binding, and many in the past have been ignored by warring factions. People often make the mistake of legitimizing Hamas because it is the ruling government of Gaza, but they don't realize that Hamas's vision of peace is very narrow and simple: eliminate the existence of Israel, no compromise, no negotiations, no give-and-take, just jihad to the death. Did you see the video of the children's show that aired on Hamas TV that showed a little Palestinian taking over the White House, killing Bush, and turning the White House into a mosque? Even if you killed all the people in Gaza, by whatever means, it would still not be genocide.As his turn, It wants only to lead this war against Israel as already done by Hezbollah, regardless of palestinian population. And who's is civil and who's is the warrior?This story is going on worldwide for too long now: Palestine, Kosovo, Philiphines, Somalia, Indonesia, etc.In fact, senior international correspondent Nic Robertson says that within minutes of the resolution passing, sounds of fighting could still be heard from the gaza-Israel border. Nona that's the probem.animals hamas, have no right to live in peace, they denounced peace with the israelis and to their fellow palestinian people..now they dont recognized the leadeship of abbas...!! There are many Palestinians throughout the mid-East and the world.They are words, like ours, but at least words which might reach an agreement. WELL, IT WOULD BE BETTER IF A NUCLEAR ATTACK BE CARRIED OUT JUST TO MAKE SURE THAT ALL THESE ANIMALS WOULD BE EXTERMINATED ONCE AND FOR ALL... Unless you planned on killing all of them too, it would not be genocide.It look less time than during the Israel-Hezbollah war of 2006, but will it work?

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