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To export goods free of value-added tax (VAT), you must have the tax ID or VAT registration number of customers in other EU (European Union) countries, and you must send your own tax ID or VAT registration numbers to suppliers.The length and format of these numbers vary by country.

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For example, if you specify in the Localization Country Code field, you can still validate tax IDs for other countries.

The system uses the value in the Country field on the Mailing tab on the Address Book Revision form to determine which validation to use for each address book record.

The Person/Corp field is on the Address Book Revisions form in the Address Book (P01012) program.

(BEL) In Belgium, the VAT ID might not be known for some customers, such as recognized healthcare providers.

When you override the tax validation routine for a specific customer or supplier, the system does not validate the Tax ID for the specific customer or supplier, but it continues to validate the Tax ID for all of the other customers and suppliers in the country.

(ESP, FRA, ITA) You override the tax validation routine for these countries by entering (zero) in the Person/Corp field for the supplier or customer.

The European Commission set up the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) Web service to enable quick and easy validation of VAT identification numbers throughout the EU community.

The Central Liaison Office (CLO), which is the unit responsible for controlling intracommunity trade in each member state, has direct access via VIES to the VAT registration database for other member states.

JD Edwards Enterprise One is set up to communicate with the VIES Web service, enabling you to validate VAT identification numbers for customers or suppliers directly in the JD Edwards Enterprise One system.

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