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followed by a list of files which have been converted from LF to CRLF After a lot of reading up on the CRLF / LF issue with Git usage cross platform, I more or less understand what is going on, and I am trying to determine which autocrlf setting is best for me, but I cant understand why Git says that Updating the index failed.My understanding is that it has converted the EOF's so what is the problem with that and why is it telling me that updating the index has failed.This document, referred to as the “Vulkan Specification” or just the “Specification” hereafter, describes the Vulkan graphics system: what it is, how it acts, and what is required to implement it.

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Typically, the data represents geometry in two or three dimensions and texture images, while the shaders and kernels control the processing of the data, rasterization of the geometry, and the lighting and shading of with memory and refer to these resources from within command buffers.

Drawing commands cause application-defined shader programs to be invoked, which can then consume the data in the resources and use them to produce graphical images.

These parts of the Specification are marked by the “Note” icon or designated “Informative”.

Where this Specification uses terms, defined in the Glossary or otherwise, that refer to enabling technologies that are not expressly set forth as being required for compliance, those enabling technologies are outside the Scope of this Specification.

For example, committing a file followed by checking out the same file should yield the original file in the work tree.

If this is not the case for the current setting of I don't think this setting is actually related to the warning/error but it inspired me to look into text conversion that might be being done.

This means familiarity with the essentials of computer graphics algorithms and terminology as well as with modern GPUs (Graphic Processing Units).

Vulkan is an API (Application Programming Interface) for graphics and compute hardware.

The API consists of many commands that allow a programmer to specify shader programs, compute kernels, objects, and operations involved in producing high-quality graphical images, specifically color images of three-dimensional objects.

, data used by kernels or shaders, and state controlling aspects of Vulkan outside of shader execution.

Requirements defined by external documents not created by Khronos may contain contributions from non-members of Khronos not covered by the Khronos Intellectual Property Rights Policy.

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