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Before we getting into the massive piece of activity code, let us have a look into our application Manifest file.

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Furthermore, if all required preconditions are not met, an error response will indicate which required preconditions were not met.

This API allows a Merge to be undone given constraints.

If the new Account would be invalid, error conditions are returned to instruct the Node regarding what changes are necessary.

For example, the resulting number of Users meet ecosystem parameter restrictions.

This application involves following steps Twitter4J is an unofficial Java library for the Twitter API. The Web View Activity shows user a login screen through which user can login to twitter by supplying twitter credentials.

With Twitter4J, you can easily integrate your Java application with the Twitter service. You need to download this library before you can start integrating twitter on android. Once user is authenticated, it will be redirected to the Main Activity with the o Auth response. In the above two steps, we have declared the layout files and the strings used in the application.

Provides a mechanism to allow a Node to test the validity of the merge of two Accounts prior to performing a final merge of those Accounts by proposing a new merged Account.

If the new Account would be valid, the invocation is successful.

Nodes SHALL NOT use this API without permission from DECE.

Note: Node-based Access Control can be policy-based or Coordinator-enforced.

Note, this application needs package com.example.twittershare; import

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