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Within that radius cancer rates have been found to be three times higher. The science is increasingly clear that there are biological effects from both acute and chronic exposures to non-thermal microwave radiation.

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This means practically no hazardous radiation to operators or persons around the work zone.

Our system assists in the confirmation process of locating anomalies.

Once the utilities in the path were identified they were marked directly on the surface so the customer will know where the utilities are.

We can also locate utilities in the ground/under the surface via induction or conduction with an exposed or known surface utility line.

“Beyond the strong evidence for an association between wireless radiation with cancer, there is increasing evidence for effects on the brain and behavior—effects on memory ability, on IQ, on learning ability.

We should have a government that pays much more attention to this issue, and our government has ignored it totally.

() 2) Current Regulations Have Long Overlooked the Harm from RF Radiation’s “Non-Thermal” Biological Effects Since the FCC set its safety guidelines for radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF) in 1996, new science has accumulated that makes clear “non-thermal” effects from cell towers, Wi-Fi and cell phones are at least as important as the “thermal risks” considered by the agency when it wrote the current rules fifteen years ago.

To protect public health, 3) Biological and Health Effects from RF Radiation Are Widely Occurring In Both Adults and Children A vast body of scientific evidence has accumulated pointing to wide-ranging biological disruption to adults and children from wireless radiation, include immune, neurological, cardiovascular, cognitive and endocrine system disruption, as well as DNA damage and potentially irreversible harm to the genetic code. 4) Evidence for RF Damage to the Ecosystem is Mounting Biological effects from RF Radiation are occurring in wildlife and nature.

Such exposures did not exist before the “age of industry and information”. The citizen should then send a copy of “Making Cell Towers Safe” (Download 1-Page PDF) to each of these three (3) elected officials along with a short cover memorandum or letter reading something like this: Dear Senator [or Representative]: I am one of your constituents and am concerned about the failure of the FCC to update its obsolete cell tower safety regulations.

A rapidly accumulating body of scientific evidence of harm to health and well-being constitute warnings that adverse health effects can occur with short-term and prolonged exposures to very low-intensity EMF (e.g. Please write to the FCC and ask the agency to revisit its cell tower safety regulations to meet the results of recent European studies showing harm from cell signals to people who live within 400 meters of a conventional cell tower. If the citizen receives no response from any of his/her elected representatives, follow up and ask for a copy of the letter the representative sent to the FCC.

RF impact on small creatures, consumed by larger animals, and on crop pollinators, extends to us all and urgently needs government’s serious attention.

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