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The Hadoop cluster it chose fit the bill and provided some unexpected benefits.Alternative and virtual realities provide organizations with new opportunities to reimagine product demos, employee training and more.Cloud computing has overcome some tough resistance over the years, but it has gained acceptance and proven it's value.

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Data scientists and data science teams face similar challenges, which Dev Ops concepts can help address.

Senior executives who have been making hollow promises about embracing data-driven strategies need to be convinced that now is the time for real action.

Here are some ways that data professionals can gain the support they need.

Ebates, the business that provides discounts and incentives to customers of online retailers, needed to move from its SQL server to a system with more processing capacity.

Eventually, voice interfaces will replace keyboards, taps and swipes, but organizations must be wary of approaching voice interface design the same way they've approached web and mobile design. If you are like most organizations, your analytics program is not ready for advanced analytics technologies such as machine learning.

Here are a few steps to take to get you closer, or a way you can leapfrog the work to reap the benefits now.

The traditional desktop is still around in Windows 8, and it’s probably the best Windows desktop yet (aside from not having a Start menu.) But with the introduction of the Windows 8 desktop, Microsoft is setting it the traditional desktop for the kill.

The writing is on the wall here — touch and Metro are the future. No, Windows 8 isn’t final yet — but the Consumer Preview is out, and Microsoft calls it “the complete vision for the product.” That’s right, folks — we’ll see bugs fixed and rough spots polished, but this is the Windows 8 we’re going to get. It doesn’t matter if you never want to use it — you’ll see it each time you log in.

You’ll have to click the “Desktop” tile in Metro to access your desktop.

Once you’re at the desktop, Metro will be your new Start menu and you’ll have to use the charms to shut down your computer. Well, maybe you can use a Windows Explorer shell replacement.

With the introduction of the Windows Phone platform in 2010, Microsoft unveiled the Metro user interface, designed to make accessing information quick and easy.

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