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England’s capital London is also the capital city of the UK.Most of England consists of lowland with some mountainous terrain northwest of a line drawn between the Humber estuary in the East and the river Exe in the Southwest.The next important work was published in 1924 by Hans Surén, one of the early German pioneers of Nacktkultur (nudism) who published Der Mensch und die Sonne in that year.

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The new edition of the Singles’ Outdoor Club Handbook aims to provide information and guidance that will help all SOC members to get the most from their club membership.; individual SOC members may choose whether they also want to be individual members of BN; however we recommended this.

For those new to going without clothes the movement has a long history and an established philosophy expounded in many academic works.

Members may choose to enjoy nude sunbathing, walking, swimming and sports etc.

coupled with social interaction with like-minded people.

To the North is Scotland which consists of two very distinct regions known as the Highlands and the Lowlands.

The Highlands region is to the North and West of the country and is much more mountainous than its lowland sister.The rugged terrain of the highlands ensures the region is sparsely populated.The Lowlands region is home to most of Scotland’s population.It consists of a group of islands - 2 large ones and several hundred smaller ones.By far the largest island is that which is divided into three countries - England, Wales and Scotland.We suggest you do the vocabulary activity below before you watch.

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