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We propose a novel approach for blending multiple signals (called micro behaviors) to detect ransomware with more flexibility than using IOC matching alone.

The goal of the approach is to provide expressive mechanisms for detection via contextual indicators and micro behaviors that correlate to attacker tactics, even if they evolve with time.

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In addition, we will demonstrate how advanced data science can be used to identify threats and accelerate cyber analysis, instead of just adding more noise.

Crypto Ransomware has become a popular attack vector used by malicious actors to quickly turn infections into profits.

An interactive session (SSH, RDP, et cetera) on the vulnerable system, or port-forwarding to allow direct connectivity to internal services from the attacker's system becomes necessary.

If the organization responsible for the server has done everything else correctly (including blocking tunneling via ICMP/DNS), then there may be no additional network-level connectivity possible in either direction between the attacker and the web application server.

We went ahead and turned OSXCollector toolkit into AMIRA: Automated Malware Incident Response and Analysis service.

AMIRA turns the forensic information gathered by OSXCollector into actionable response plan, suggesting the infection source as well as suspicious files and domains requiring a closer look.This tool will be applied to PCAPS and will then mine and display relationships of Micro Behaviors particular to ransomware traffic.Built with Spark notebook we are leveraging Apache Spark ( for scalable data processing and Ml Lib for an anlalytics API (ASGARD allows organization to store more data than ever, while still gaining 2-3 orders of magnitude more speed and performance than traditional SIEMS.In this talk you can watch us analyze data real-time, learn more about our cluster and architecture, and see how we've integrated leading big data technologies to outperform expensive appliances with a fraction of the cost.Even for a larger incident response team handling all of the repetitive tasks related to malware infections is a tedious task.

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