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The church was eventually re-opened again and now resembles its original Gothic structure.

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Nest’s team showed me this in action during a preview demo, and it worked amazingly well; while the person the Cam IQ spotted initially appeared relatively hard to identify, once it automatically realized it was a person and narrowed on the face for closeup tracking, it was easy to make out identifying details.

It follows the person as they move, too, keeping the face in frame and in focus throughout the capture, which is obviously very helpful should you unfortunately ever need to make use of the footage afterward for reporting a crime to the authorities.

Meanwhile, Nest Cam IQ owners get more features with a Nest Aware subscription, including the ability to identify and remember family members and trusted familiar faces vs.

unknown individuals, and the ability to intelligently decipher audio cues including talking people or barking dogs.

The Nest Cam IQ is basically performing a ‘zoom and enhance’ feature ripped right out of Star Trek here, but the trick is that it’s using the full power of a new 1/2.5-inch, 4K sensor whenever it detects a person that would prompt its use.

You can also zoom in and get a better look at details in the scene, including, as demonstrated in our walkthrough, being able to read the title of a book printed on a hardcover spine.

The Nest Cam IQ has a 4K video sensor for capturing footage, but it isn’t using that additional resolution to provide you with really high quality footage of your cat wandering around your living room while you’re at work.

Instead, it generally grabs 1080p footage, and it’s intelligently using its 4K capabilities when it needs them most – when it detects something unusual is happening, like a stranger entering your home for instance.

When something like that happens, the Nest Cam IQ will identify that there’s a person present within its visual range, and then can trigger an automated alert that includes a custom-captured zoomed in photo.

Plus, with a new feature called “Supersight,” while you’re checking in on the app to get a live view of the Nest Cam IQ’s feed, you’ll get a picture-in-picture inset of any people in frame tracked close-up, in addition to a 130-degree wide-angle look at the whole field of view the camera can capture.

Jono gatvė) as shown on the HD webcam Vilnius is lined with trees, cobblestones and quaint houses and church walls.

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