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But the app has one clever touch that makes a surprising difference: If it can’t find a photo of a contact to use as an avatar, it doesn’t just stick in that person’s initials in an anodyne font.

A feature called Yahoo Account Key lets you sign in using a notification rather than typing in a password.

And an inbox-aggregating option lets you manage multiple Yahoo accounts as well as and AOL Mail accounts (but not, alas, Gmail).

The i OS and Yahoo incarnations of the app are mostly the same, but Yahoo made an intriguing usability decision: It figured that smartphone users are familiar with the default email apps on their respective platforms, and might want some consistency from third-party apps such as Yahoo Mail.

So each app organizes threads of conversations similarly to its platform’s default email tool. Hold down the button for composing a new message, for instance, and you’ll automatically address one to yourself–a little shortcut that Yahoo built in to acknowledge the fact that a lot of folks use email to remind themselves of important stuff.

The app’s Xobni heritage is visible in the way it aggregates details about your email correspondents, with items such as a list of other people who they email frequently, their recent tweets, and a history of their messages to you.

Smart Views, which already existed in Yahoo Mail’s desktop incarnation, automatically group messages of particular types, such as social updates and travel-related mail.

It has been testing the app in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Ireland and will roll out Livetext to Apple's and Google's mobile app stores on July 30 in the U. "We created a product where we wanted to bridge the gap between the simplicity and ease of texting with the live connection, the synchronous connection of calling, the expressiveness of that," said Adam Cahan, Yahoo's senior VP of video, design and emerging products, at the launch event.

He declined to say how Yahoo plans to make money from the app.

You can swipe messages to the left or right to triage them, in a feature reminiscent of Dropbox’s Mailbox app.

Search is snappier and smarter about picking up what you’re looking for even if you just type a contact’s initials, and lets you view all the photos or documents someone has sent you in one view.

Yahoo has created Livetext, a mobile messaging app that overlays a texting conversation atop a live video feed of both parties with the sound turned off.

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