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Completed BS in computer science working in New York. [0w110117]27yrs, 5’9”, fair and beautiful looking daughter.

Looking for Kamma US groom height above 5’8” in and age below 29 yrs. She has just completed Masters in Computer Science and currently on OPT Visa.

She is 27 years old, 5'8", fair complexion with pleasant personality and brought up with good family values raised and educated in the USA.

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Seeking an alliance from US born or raised man between 28 and 32 years, in the same profession with good family values.

Please contact with pictures and details at Well educated Telugu family invites alliance for their MBBS graduated daughter, who is 24 years old 5'5" ft tall &fair complexed and is willing to settle in USA and do her Residency(PG).

Prefer US born and raised physician between ages of 29 to 32 yrs.

Please respond with Groom's Bio data,pictures and parents'contact information[5w08012017]Well settled US Kamma parents seek alliance for their daughter, 29yrs, slim, very fair and beautiful.

Parents are looking for same caste good looking, well-educated and fully settled man in 31-33 age group.

Contact with details and pictures: 7039392759 / 8042636772 Well settled US Kamma parents seek alliance for their fair and beautiful daughter, 24 yrs., 5'3".

Not a week passes by without the TEAM Square volunteers assisting a fellow Telugu person in a catastrophic situation.

Read More TANA aims to perpetuate, integrate, and assimilate the cultural heritage of the Telugu-speaking people into the mainstream of North America.

Parents are looking for 27-30 year old , good, caring and supportive groom preferably from same medical profession [0w92417]Affluent Telugu Kamma family invites alliance for their 30 year old, 5’.4”, fair complexion daughter, who did her BS and MBA and working as Sr Financial Analyst.

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