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From a physical standpoint you not only make me feel beautiful with your artistry but you make me feel beautiful inside. I know, because she's helped me so much to let out the woman trapped inside my male body. You made me feel very relaxed and natural even though I was stunned with awe at your work.For over 40 years I have had these feelings and I am finally able to showcase them in public and not behind close doors. I'm not going to become a full-time woman, but I love being able to dress up as a woman from time to time. I didn't feel at all self-conscious or awkward but enjoyed the relaxed feeling you helped me achieve. I only hope that I wasn't too self-absorbed to let you know how appreciative I was at the time.In spite of that, I feel that I made giant strides in enjoying this aspect of my personality; this is the first time anyone other than myself has seen her. This especially applies to you saying that dressing may a manifestation of how I admire women and cherish (if that is the right word) them.

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I am extremely glad that I went to Karen for my first steps. I had been visiting the Femme Fever website for years and was always impressed with how pretty the girls looked after their appointment with Karen.

So here I was thinking I had to try this so I called.

Sorry, if I sound dramatic, but it is part of my journey, to speak truth to the power of my fear, fear of what other people say or believe about me.

Forever thankful and Changed, April [email protected] Writes: I booked an entire morning for my first makeover with Karen. We sat and chatted for a while at the beginning and it felt like we had known each other for a long time. I explained that I was searching for a "look" that would fit my fem personality.

The first visit to your studio included something shocking.

After a long talk and the application of makeup you turned the chair towards the mirrored wall, as I sat in stunned silence, something and someone I had been unknowingly been avoiding was looking back at me.

Someone being non-judgmental was refreshing, while also making it clear that you wanted me to happy and satisfied with her efforts.

Each time I have returned to you, it is like an unbroken conversation, which seems so natural, since I know that for many what is talked about are deep feelings that have never been given life or flight.

As I get in my twilight years its time I start matching my body with my soul. I only regret my own inhibitions and should have followed your suggestions, like going outside.

Simply being outside would have added yet another dimension to enjoying this inner person. I'm sorry if I didn't express this at the time, but I was thinking of some of the things you told me and it made more and more sense as I thought about it.

I am always apprehensive when I arrive at your place, but when I finish up I leave with a confidence like no other. Or sit in a way so that I saw nothing until I was fully dressed, madeup, with my wig on, and then she'd spin me around for the big moment of revelation. One of the things that worked out very well was letting you decide what the proper makeover look would be. In my eyes, you brought that inner person to life and made her (I think the feminine pronoun is entirely appropriate) look "elegant". I am also very appreciative of the comportment information and tips you provided. Nothing was exaggerated or affected; I could never have achieved this on my own.

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