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The cyber arms race intensifies every year as cybersecurity teams and criminals alike enhance their techniques for outwitting their respective opponents.

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Partners can access the Sonic Wall University curriculum through a web-based platform and will receive specialized training and accreditation tailored to their role as a salesperson, systems engineer or support team member.

In addition to our own curriculum, we’ll be sharing content from trusted industry sources as well as our partners themselves to ensure the full breadth of current knowledge is being distributed rapidly and effectively.

With the financing, the company plans on building on its publishing and development platform, add third-party titles and expand its distribution internationally.

Additionally, the cash will help the startup expand its current smash hit Raw Data.

According to the Land Eco Group' 2017 Economic Impact Survey, the San Francisco-based startup saved Angelenos $88 million in travel time value and over 7.5 million travel hours.

Additionally, Lyft generated 0 million to LA's economy by providing flexible earnings opportunities for drivers and transportation options for passengers.Still, many have expressed a desire for more real-time focused education that would help them provide the best possible advice based on a complete understanding of today’s current threats and technologies.To meet this need, we are thrilled to announce an extension of Secure First called Sonic Wall University, which will help us more quickly and effectively communicate insights we have gleaned from our Global Response Intelligence Defense (GRID) Threat Network to the partner community.Partners have not only requested cybersecurity education for themselves, but for their customers and prospects, who may not always have up-to-date information on how to protect their infrastructure.Today we unveiled a major marketing campaign to educate SMBs on the three most prominent threats identified in the Sonic Wall 2017 Annual Threat Report – ransomware, encrypted communications (SSL/TLS), and advanced phishing and other email-borne attacks.[Joymode] : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; Lux Capital with participation from Shasta Ventures, Danhua Capital, Shanda Holdings, Felicis Ventures and Dentsu Ventures.

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