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Taking photographs – Dubai has several clubs and associations to foster the craft and skills of photography.Here’s a sample: The Emirates Photography Club’s mission statement is that it’s “a social photography group; we work hard to make it enjoyable, yet beneficial.” The Camera Club of Dubai may be a little more serious, but the focus is on sharing photographs and jointly learning.

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You never know where such small beginnings might lead, and it never hurts to be friendly.

Older, school age children will bring home names of other children they like and don’t like. ” If you think so, go right ahead, but it’s not my scene. The bar scene in Dubai may be a great way to meet casual contacts, but few meet soul mates or good friends that way.

Sailing – The old Jebel Ali Sailing Club was a great and very reasonably priced expat meeting point in Dubai until it was forced to close and give way to the Dubai Marina developments in the early 2000s.

There are plenty of other sailing clubs in Dubai, but the one that has most closely inherited the spirit and atmosphere of the Jebel Ali Club is the Dubai Off-Shore Sailing Club.

Even if you never venture onto the water, there’s a thriving social scene involving a large and varied group of people from all points of the compass.

The club compound on Jumeirah’s Beach Road is also a great place to go to if you find yourself feeling “shut in” as an apartment-dweller.

If it’s practical (and don’t underestimate how far some children travel to attend certain schools), after-school invitations home are points of contact with the parents. I’m thinking more about groups, primarily of expats, where a common interest in some aspect of UAE life, or an interest with a UAE focus brings a diverse group of people together.

These may or may not lead on to other adult social gatherings and interactions directly, but can help establish new friend networks – so go for it! I suppose you could say it’s a bit like speed-dating: go along to a meeting or two, and if you like what you see and hear, then take the next step and commit to a year’s membership.

But it was alright, I have to admit I was wasted when I went, so my first few rounds didnt go to well, but I warmed up to it a bit.

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