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Littlefield, an experienced fisherman, said he thought it was a shark at first since he's never seen an orca behave this way.

Plus, he had recently watched the movie 'Jaws.'Albert Duncan of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says Littlefield notified the agency and provided video of the encounter.

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Each major Hawaiian volcano follows a general evolution from submarine volcano to rapidly growing emergent shield volcano.

The detailed mapping, geochronologic, geophysical, and petrologic investigations of Quaternary volcanic centers in the U. reveal new insights about long-term eruptive history; magma-genesis, -transport, and -eruption processes; and influence of tectonics on volcanic systems.

This chapter describes the concept of volcanic loci––vents or groups of vents that define logical units of volcanism in space and time––and focuses on advances in the understanding of the Quaternary history of volcanic areas in the United States and key processes in the evolution of volcanoes.

Large flank failures and caldera-forming eruptions catastrophically change the form of some edifices; subsequent eruptions rebuilt many of them.

Today, the show is co-owned by Jonathan Baldwin (Artistic Director) and Jonathan Hayes (General Director).

The Days of 98 recalls the birth of Skagway and the rise and fall of Alaska's most notorious outlaw, Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith from 1897 to 1898.

If you like your history to come with a little song and dance, then head down to Eagle's Hall on 6th and Broadway and catch a great show, The Days of 98 Show.

This show, which is the longest running show in Alaska, started in 1923 when steamships began bringing tourists to Skagway.

The locals decided to put on show about the history of the town to raise money for their local hockey team so they could buy uniforms to compete against their rivals in White Pass, Yukon, in the White Pass Athletic League.

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