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Wisdom comes into the world when people are humble and say, “tell me how I might be wrong.”Here in our own community, when my friend, and colleague, Rabbi Eric Solomon proposed a trip that included a visit to Yasser Arafat’s grave on the itinerary.I want you to know that there were good people who wrote and met with him privately and with the respect befitting a teacher and leader of Torah in our community.Beth El is holy not because this room or even the ark or the eternal light: what makes a synagogue a holy place is that people gather here to pray and to be with each other.

To anyone who feels confused, hurt or upset on account of my actions, I sincerely apologize and ask your forgiveness….

I deeply love Beth Meyer and what we, as a family, have built these past 11 years. Rabbi Solomon and I shared a vigorous debate on the way up to Jerusalem about the challenges that Israel faces and the dilemmas that it puts to us.

A Gathering in Support of Israel and Peace, August 13, 2014.

Click here to here to listen to "Reflection & Text Study: It is written in the Book of the Wars of Adonai, 'There will be love in the end.'" Click here to list to a prayer for Israel's soldiers, a prayer for healing, a prayer for Israel and a prayer for peace.

I listened carefully to this feedback and discussed what I heard with Rabbi Jenny and synagogue leaders.

After deep reflection and soul-searching, I have decided to cancel the trip.

Good people can - and should - ask pointed questions.

Judaism has long trusted that wisdom comes from mahloket / shakla v’tarya - the back and forth question and answer between people who hold two conflicting ideas in their hands at once.

It was a year ago today that Pixie's journey with us came to its end.

While her gifts to us all are well known, the people who shared her last days remember most her generous and outgoing spirit.

The rabbis said, “What can we do to restore his peace of mind? ” He tore his clothes and went crying at the gates, “Where are you, son of Laqish? Rabbi Yochanan yearned for someone to challenge, not confirm his own views!

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