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And apparently it wasn’t just a one time video – it was a four part series! The top 4 sex video scandals to rock the Philippines of course belongs to none other than sex video king Hayden Kho – who has been known and SEEN to bed some of the hottest women around.

Hayden is your normal good looking and mild mannered surgeon by day, but he is “Hayden the Hyper Humper” sex video king by night!

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I would just look like a liar.” Pauleen Luna is an actress and TV personality who is well known for her role in the movie “Blue Moon” and as one of the hosts of Just recently, a photo was taken of her in a very innocent two-piece bikini – little did she know that something sinister was peeking through her underwear!

We can’t actually reveal the scandalous area in her underwear, but if you use your imagination you’ll catch my drift! He’s one tough dude since he’s arguably the best pound per pound boxer the Philippines has ever produced.

Criselda Volks is famous in the Philippines for her sexy roles in “bold” movies.

When a sex video of her was leaked in the internet around October last year, the video immediately became one of the hottest scandals at the time.

She got famous for being the host for “Pinoy Big Brother” and “Wowowee” – as well as for that racket she calls her “singing voice” which she unleashes to Wowowee audiences every now and then.

Now the scandalous photo I’m referring to was taken when she was with fellow actress Ms. The photo was taken by a fan wherein she was pictured wearing a two-piece bikini – and her NIPS were showing!

And in this specific scandal, the gorgeous Mariana del Rio was actually one of his victims.

Mariana a Filipino-Brazilian Model who came to the Philippines from Sao Paulo Brazil to try her luck on Philippine showbiz.

The dressing room photos exhibited her natural body with noticeable baby fats, but then the final photos that came out in the calendar looked obviously photo shopped because they showed off Angelica with washboard abs!

Well photoshoppping is actually a standard practice in the magazine industry, but because the “before and after” photos involved the famous Angelica Panganiban, the whole thing became a massive scandal.

And since he is the “Pambansang Kamao,” it’s inevitable that his private life gets scrutinized by the paparazzi.

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