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They are rude to the clients and constantly critical of their coworkers.

Hélène et les Garçons is a spin-off of Premiers Baisers.

Shortcom or programme court is a television program genre that is between sketch comedy and sitcom.

Shortcom episodes typically range in length from one to seven minutes, though many shortcom series do include longer episodes.

These and other programs that have been remade in France are also included in another section, at the bottom of this article.

After his Romani mother dies giving birth to him, Sébastien is raised by an old shepherd along with his own two grandchildren.

From the second season on all documentary aspects are discarded and the two families have become next-door neighbors.

The series follows the 2003 French film of the same name in which childhood sweethearts Constance and Martin, both married with children, reunite and leave their spouses for each other.

The series begins three years later as the new couple, with their respective children, leave for a relaxing vacation at Martin's parents' house.

Once there, their rest is constantly interrupted by family, friends and exes.

Originally aired as a segment of Le Grand Journal series.

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