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It is a crime to take a sexual, nude or partly nude picture or video of anyone - regardless of their age - without their permission.However, it is a more serious crime if the person is under the age of 16.The maximum penalty for this is prison for up to 5 years.

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Try to remain calm, and politely ask to get legal advice by calling the Youth Hotline on 1800 10 18 10 before you give them any other information.

Lawmail is a FREE legal advice and information service.

Now that Valentine’s Day is officially over and you finished spoiling your girl with a fancy dinner, expensive gifts, and the best D you could muster after a long day of work and multiple glasses of the most expensive wine you could afford, you’re looking to make some time for the other woman (or women) in your life. We don't condone stepping out on your lady, but we're not here to judge. So, how does one go about keeping their scandalous ways a secret from their better half?

The only problem is your girl is like a new age Jessica Fletcher and checks your Twitter mentions, your Facebok activity, your Instagram likes, and, most importantly, keeps tabs your phone activity.

If you’re concerned about a nude or ‘sexy’ picture of yourself that might be on someone’s phone, computer or online, or if you’re worried that you have a picture like that on your phone, computer or online, you can send a Lawmail to get free confidential legal advice from or call the Youth Hotline on 1800 10 18 10.

Sexting can be a crime, depending on the age of the people sexting and whether the pictures would be considered ‘offensive’ or ‘indecent’ by a court.

Anyone who sends, receives or even asks for a naked or sexual image of a person who is or appears to be under the age of 18 is at risk of committing a crime and of being charged.

The law says that while you are under 18, you aren’t allowed to consent (say yes) to sexting – even though you are able to legally start having sex at 16 years of age.

Never share it online or through SMS, and only show it to a trusted adult.

If you are questioned or arrested by the police in relation to sexting, you should give your correct name, age and address, but you have the right to remain silent for any other questions.

Example Ted is 15 and his 15 year old girlfriend sent him a text with a photo of herself in her bra and underwear.

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