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We didnt have a Conditional Use Permit on file; either it wasnt a requirement back when they opened the facility, or it was overlooked, so we just had to get that paperwork cleaned up.

There is no issue involved, and there was very little discussion before the Commission approved it and the City Council will review it on the 26.

The spelling itself, and hopefully, some of the friends that I made there last year make it back this year, too. The Crookston Planning Commission met this week and reviewed a request from Polk County Environmental Services for a Conditional Use Permit to rebuild a new facility on the same lot that the current one sits on.

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It can involve beautification, landscaping, building materials used, and so on, but that hasnt been identified yet.

The discussion is going to continue for several more meetings, and will probably have a public input session at some point, before it is sent to the City Council.

To learn more about international programs, visit If you spend any of your free time looking through the listings on the website Craigs List, you may have come across an intriguing listing for a coffee shop and restaurant for sale right here in Crookston.

Dawn Bjorgo, the owner of Cofe confirmed that she has, indeed, listed her business for sale, and explained why the time seemed right to do so, saying, "Im excited about it, and I think it could be a real positive thing for Crookston, too.

River View Health is pleased to welcome Arveity Setty, MD, to its medical staff. Setty is a pediatrician, and also specializes in sleep medicine.

Along with seeing children for well child exams and other needs, Dr. A graduate of JJM Medical College, Davangere, Karnataka India, Dr.

The second item discussed at the meeting was the establishment of Gateway Overlay Districts, which are intended to promote high quality development at major entryways into the city, and within commercial districts, and help to promote positive first impressions, service emerging neighborhoods and commercial districts, and promote traffic and pedestrian use of the areas.

This is something that was in the Comprehensive Plan, and has been discussed in the past several meetings.

Doors will open for registration at p.m., and a free meal will be served from - p.m. each family will have the opportunity to rotate to three different education sessions, each 20 minutes long. Its an evening celebrating Chinese culture, language, games, and a meal featuring authentic Chinese cuisine taking place on February 24, 2018, at the University of Minnesota Crookston.

Some of the optional sessions include: What Happens in a Car Crash; The Joybirds; Creative Ways to Complete the 20 Minutes of Reading Expectation & Practice Math Facts; Tai Chi Movements and Guided Meditation; How We Guide and Teach Kids to Self Regulate; Awesome Pencil, Pen and Ink Tips and Techniques; Questions and Answers with the School Resource Officer, Don Rasicot; Math Games Using a Deck of Cards; Helium Balloon Suspension; Family, Food & Fun; Believing in Your Dreams; Reading at Home; and Websites and Apps to Use at Home. Events begin in Bede Ballroom, Sargeant Student Center at 4 p.m. All activities and performances are free and the meal is available for .75 per person. including calligraphy, chess, mask painting, traditional clothing, and Asian snacks. in Brown Dining Room and feature egg drop soup (jidantang), lo mien (chaomian), stir fry (gaijiaofan), and fried rice (chaofan).

The only threat to the school, came through social media over the four day weekend.

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