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This summer, Hall's staff issued more than 200 marriage licenses to same-sex couples after a federal court struck down Utah's ban on gay marriage.

Talia Frolkis, 27, left, and Abbi Huber, 23, both of Madison, Wis., take a self-portrait with Dane County Clerk Scott Mc Donell after applying for a marriage license at the Dane County Clerk of Courts.

Jennifer Hasler, left, and Karina Tittjung apply for their marriage license at the Oklahoma County Courthouse in Oklahoma City.

Welborn, one of the litigants in the case, is joined by fellow litigants Melady Betterman-Layne, left, and her partner Tarra Betterman-Layne.

Colorado: In Boulder, County Clerk Hillary Hall said she and her staff are hoping to issue licenses soon to same-sex couples.

Colorado's attorney general said county clerks throughout the state should start issuing licenses to same-sex couples Monday, but Hall wanted the stay against her office lifted.

A lawyer for same-sex couples in the state-level case said resolving this issue is a top priority."The stay (on issuing same-sex marriage licenses) should be dissolved very quickly by the 10th Circuit, and same sex marriage should be legal in Colorado within days," lawyer David Lane said in a written statement.

Roche to determine whether Arizona will allow same-sex marriages but could hear from the 9th U. Circuit Court of Appeals before a Phoenix judge issues his ruling.

Because the state is part of the San Francisco-based circuit, any ruling in lawsuits from Hawaii, Idaho and Nevada cases that judges heard in early September will apply here.

Florida: Monday's action has no immediate affect on Florida, where 62% of voters approved an amendment in 2008 defining marriage as being between a man and a woman.

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