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Although Pink Drinks count towards a woman's daily fluid intake, and contains more calories than plain water (a grande Pink Drink has 140 calories), Dr.

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Like clockwork, her breasts would become engorged during the day, and she'd pump upwards of 40 extra ounces (about 8 bottles) of milk throughout the day — on top of her regularly-scheduled breastfeeding sessions every few hours.

Nothing changed when she swapped her Starbucks Pink Drinks for a DIY version made from Crystal Light On The Go Wild Strawberry with Caffeine, 1.5 cup water, and 1.5 cup of So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk.

Diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis can be transferred via breast milk, as can varying concentrations of prescription or illicit drugs.

Tightly regulated milk banks exist, and they do screen for medications and diseases as well as heat-pasteurize milk to kill any organisms, but they are few and far between—only 15 across the country—and the majority of their milk is earmarked for NICU babies and other at-risk infants.

Woman write their own descriptions and set their own prices. "; "26-year-old organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo-style eating, avoid ALL drugs preservatives, chemicals.") For prices ranging from about a dollar an ounce to more than $3.50, parents can obtain milk they might not be able to provide on their own or obtain via donation.

Many suppliers offer to produce a doctor's note confirming their health status.

So it's no wonder moms are freaking out over rumors that Starbucks's highly-Instagrammable Pink Drink may boost breast milk production: Life Hacker recently reported several instances of new moms pumping between two and 10 times as much milk as usual after consuming the beverage. These sneakers are one of my favorite purchases from the #nsale. Although Laura never struggled to produce enough breastmilk while nursing her daughter, now four years old, or her son, she fell hard for her Pink Drink, and proceeded to order it every day for a week.

Several weeks ago, Laura ordered her first-ever Pink Drink at Starbucks and found her breasts engorged throughout the day — odd for her, since she typically nursed every three hours and only felt the need to pump excess milk (about 20 ounces) at night before bed.

And at the most basic level, all she was doing was trying to procure food for her daughter; she doesn't hug the cashier at Target when he rings up her bananas and cereal, so why would she hug me?

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