Seagull serial number dating

I've searched the Seagull website and can't seem to find anything about dating and serial numbers. ) Anyway, what a pleasant suprise about the seagull, and for xxx bones, not too bad. Also, if there are any letters in the serial number, it's a factory second.

I have this one and an old Fender F-210LH (another incredible guitar!!!! Had a bone nut and saddle installed and that bird sings! sorry I couldn't resist..................the way I own a S6 too and what you have there ksounds is a fine get ready to change strings try a set of Dean Markley Alchemy's custom lights 12-54....sound great on my Seagull Look at the serial number - the first 2 numbers should tell you the year it was built.

As it was not supposed to be 'L', that only leaves 'I'.

However I have never seen one stamped with 'I' or 'II', looks too much like a numeral.... I hope shortly to get a definitive list of Early British Seagull Models, from the first Model 'A' to the first British Seagull 102's.

From 1973 two letters were used in the code to indicate the month, i.e.

AA3 = January 1973, BB3 = February 1973, and MM3 = December 1973.

When I am satisfied all my gremlins are out of it and I have added as much as I can, I might delete the first one, but at the moment I leave both, as the first one came direct from the horses mouth, so to speak, British Seagull.

Scan right down to the bottom of the page for the latest edition.I think these tables are about as correct as I can get them, I will remove the originals at some time, when I'm sure!John SOS In 1980 Electronic ignitions were installed, engines having the E prefix from that date.In 1934 the Super model OF the use of a ')' symbol appears.As I have seen this motor and it has the number 'O' instead, it looks as if a typist simply pressed the ')' instead of the '0', by hitting shift at the same time.I don't think this is the Holy Grail, just curious.

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