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For example, client backup doesn’t work unless DNS is operating.Microsoft DNS uses port range 55368-55372, and therein lies the basis of the trouble.

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Microsoft DNS is the implementation of domain name systems services provided in Microsoft operating systems.

Not all Windows servers run, or run as, DNS Servers.

Unless you're a user of Microsoft Small Business Server 2011, you probably paid absolutely no attention to the recent release note in which Intuit reported it was adding “support for Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 (SP1)” as part of the R4 update for Quick Books 2017 Desktop Versions (Quick Books Pro, Quick Books Premier, Quick Books Accountant, Quick Books Enterprise).

While some users are relieved, believing this means they should no longer have any operational conflicts, and that Intuit support will not simply say, “Sorry, but you are on an unsupported operating system,” it really is a lack of what's being said that should be concerning to users.

It is possible for the two services to run in companion, but only if the Quick Books Database Server is started as a windows service prior to Microsoft DNS starting.

Many Quick Books users have reported that following instances of their server being shut-down, or going through a reboot perhaps secondary to an operating system update, when the server came back up, that Quick Books could not be switched into multi-user mode.

In summary, I simply ask, shouldn’t "support for an operating system" mean the application will run in a normal manner within the confines and operating parameters of the operating system?

You typically do not expect the computer’s operating system to have to adapt to the applications running on it.

Well, on an immediate basis it is possible to stop the Microsoft DNS Service, then start the Quick Books Database Server, and then re-start the Microsoft DNS service after Quick Books is up and running properly in multi-user mode.

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