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We have to ask—where do you keep your Olympic medal now?My mom has it at home in California, along with all my other medals, and Olympic rings. I’m excited to see reigning Olympic champ Yuna Kim come back to defend her title as well cheer on Team USA.Maybe this new guard of Olympian has something to teach practitioners of the traditional sports, who often seem to suffocate under the weight of the Games.

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This scene played out at the medalists' news conference, which was as radical as the snowboarding itself.

The boarders were funny, generous to each other, and just plain adorable.

Olympic Male Figure Skaters Cohen attests to having started designing her own skating costumes at age 12, an experience she says that came with a bit of a learning curve considering ice skating costumes aren’t exactly every day clothes—just try doing a triple axel in something that doesn’t stretch.

I really loved my Romeo and Juliet costume for the Olympics in 2006.

What was the process like when you designed your Olympic ice skating outfits? I’m sure things did, but since I competed at the very end of the event, I spent very little time in the village and was in ultra-focus mode and protected by my coaches and family before my events.

I love living vicariously through other Olympians stories though!"I'm hoping Sasha dates gold medalists," White said, grasping a new accessory around his neck, before he began an imaginary pick-up conversation with the figure skater. For a while, the cutting-edge athletes had an uneasy relationship with the ancient, staid Olympic movement.Norway's Terje Haakonsen, one of the sport's early icons, actually boycotted the Nagano Games, the first to include snowboarding as a medal event, and the boarders who went to Japan were suspected of selling out.I handpicked every bead and worked with my dressmaker to create elaborate designs out of the beads.That dress was a labor of love, and combines a gorgeous burgundy velvet, with hand pleated chiffon with individual beading so it would stretch. After listening to the music, a color usually pops into my head, and then I begin to sketch and tweak until I start to see my vision on the paper. Anything happen behind the scenes at the Olympic village that people at home might be surprised about? celebrates during the final of the men's half pipe snowboarding competition at the Torino 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Bardonecchia, Italy February 12, 2006.

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