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Several years later, they have two daughters, aged about 10 and six, and she hardly feels like getting out of bed in the morning.

It's now Tuesday and she wonders if it was just a dream.

Her day starts to repeat, except that this time when she hangs out the washing she falls and her hand lands in the guts of a dead crow in the backyard.

One minute she is settled, if bored; she has a life.

The next she's standing in her big house, devastated, bewildered and very alone.

At one point in this largely ridiculous but terribly serious movie I thought someone was probably manipulating her to make her go mad, as happened to poor Ingrid Bergman in , but that wouldn't work with the time-shifting stuff.

Actually, there is no real reason, although the script tacks one on in the final reel, when a priest tells her that her lack of faith is to blame.

The scriptwriter - if indeed there was only one - obviously thinks there is a reason in , though the press notes make clear that the producers came up with a concept before the writer, Bill Kelly, wrote a word.

It's what studios call high concept, which actually means simple concept, in that it can be explained in one sentence at a pitching session.

And then, ding dong, the local sheriff is at the door and Jim has died in a road accident.

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