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“Many bi-plus individuals, especially those who do not know any other openly bi-plus individuals, feel burdened and ashamed to be themselves, even with their spouses/life partners,” he said.“It is my hope that Bi Bar members feel good about being bi-plus, and that they can have fun interacting with other bi-plus people.

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Just be grown folks with open minds.”The next event will be held at Red Wing Bar and Grill in North Park on April, 15.

If you are interested in joining Bi Bar click HERE and RSVP.

Lambda Archives of San Diego (LASD) has been established to preserve and make available for research and educational purposes the tangible record of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community with a special emphasis on those materials relating specifically to San Diego County and northern Baja California.

LASD views all aspects of LGBT life as important to the understanding of our communities’ values, interests and issues.

I feel that the fun thing is really, really important to the concept of Bi Bar.”Bi Bar is not a physical place, rather it is a monthly social gathering in which members decide where to go for an evening at various San Diego venues.

They are 100-percent accepting of however you choose to self-identify; Slade says they don’t use labels.“We also strive to be trans, poly, kink, disability friendly, size-accepting, and culturally diverse,” he adds.

However, the bisexual community doesn’t appear to have a place to call their own.

Slade told SDGLN that he created the event through the social gathering app because the community was in need of a forum where bisexuals-plus can, “get together and be positive about their sexuality.”Over several years of attending social gatherings there was one thing he kept hearing over and over again, "I wish there was a 'Bi Bar' where you could go and be social and just , without having to worry about being called strange for checking out both boys and girls."He says creating the Bi Bar gathering was a great way to address this void in the San Diego LGBT community.

Anyone can join Bi Bar as long as they are 18 or over.

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