Sagittarius woman and scorpio man dating denise richards dating nikki sixx 2016

THIS relationship will NEVER EVER be boring that's for sure, VERY GOOD CONVERSATIONS. He on the other hand seems to need to process negativity and cope with them, it takes him more time. or im out somewhere else chilling, I can chill at the neighbors but as long as its not my own house. Sagi's are usually very undomesticated people and im also VERY restless. He makes me feel protected and has a strong personality that I wont walk all over. I am a Sagittarius woman, and been living with my Scorpio partner for more that a year. We obviously had differences not different from other supposedly compatible signs couples.

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The Sagittarius woman can see the opportunities in the sexual encounter, and offers such a large number of options that surely, for the Scorpio man, something’s there for the pickin’.

Comment below: Sag women, share your experience with Scorpio men!

The fact that he was compassionate without being too needy. I love being the little cute lil crazy girl for once instead of the cold hearted independent woman, A Scorpio man can definitely make a sag female feel like this.

He loved my passion, my strong libido, and the fact that I was exciting and not like most prude or wishy washy women, I had opinions and BY GOD I was sure to tell him. After awhile both sides will see little ticks that are off. As a Sagi, I ignore bad thoughts and feelings or am over them in 15 mins after a hell raising fiery temper. unless there a martini and im watching a dance floor. I'm a fiery little sag girl and I love my strong manly Scorpio man. Like she is wooed without the corny uncomfortable stuff, he is a MAN!

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The Scorpio man is almost a closed book that is pretty hard to read but over the years, it will be far more easier for the Sagittarius woman to predict her man's behavior.

It will be a skill that she will acquire with time and as their relationship progresses; she will be able to make it work better for both of them.

Sag and Scorpio sit right next to each other in the zodiac, and astrological neighbors don’t have much in common.

Sex may be sport to Sag, but for Scorpio it is serious business. It has emotional meaning, and is not, as for Sag, just another adventure.

The two of them can come together to make a charming couple but they may have to do a little homework before taking the plunge and committing to each other for life.

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