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A tattoo on one shoulder reads 'Susie Q', in tribute; the other, 'Indio', the name of his 14-year-old son.

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Nevertheless, he noted, when he walked into a hotel, 'people still don't know whether to help me make a shiatsu appointment or wrestle me to the ground'.'Well, it's like this,' he says of his recent achievements, 'job one is get out of the gutter.

Job two is to be able to look at the end of a year of work and not feel like I was overworked and underpaid and I don't like what I see. It's slippery around the edges and people are happy to see you fall back in.

The director Hal Ashby and the activist Abbie Hoffman would drop in as dailies were screened on a sheet in the living-room.

Downey Sr cast his five-year-old son as a dog in Pound because it was easier than getting a baby-sitter.

I used to be so pissed off, like, "I just did a movie for that guy and he walked past me", not because of my behaviour but because I was never in anything that was of any particular consequence to their day-to-day business, whereas now they're like I'm one of their heavy hitters.'Downey's rare, instinctive gift for inhabiting a ­character has earned him many awards and superlatives since he starred in Less Than Zero at the age of 21.

He is a director's darling: Robert Altman, who directed him in Short Cuts and The Gingerbread Man, described him as 'America's best actor.The road to recovery really began in 2003, when Downey met his wife-to-be, the producer Susan Levin, on the set of Gothica.With her, he said, he could enjoy monogamy for the first time: 'She was really grounded, a hard worker, and really motivated.' Most importantly, she wouldn't marry him unless he gave up drugs.Robert Downey Sr was a maverick workaholic film­maker who moved his actress wife Elsie, elder daughter Allyson - once a cocaine addict and now a fledgling filmmaker - and Robert Jr from Greenwich Village to Connecticut to Paris to Woodstock to London to Los Angeles.They were 'beatniks, gipsies, superheroes and big mismanagers of money and opportunities' who raised him, according to one psychiatrist, like wolves.When Steven Spielberg visited Wright's set recently, Downey was taken aback, despite the 60 or so films he has made: 'I couldn't believe it.

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