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If the evidence points to less than 7,000-years then we can conclude that the 24-hour creative day is correct and perhaps embrace creationist claims.

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Now if a scientist is not careful, he or she could conclude a much greater date of age for the fossil than is real.

Just like if a different taxman came and counted that five-dollar bill in with the original twenty!

In the case of fossils, the adding of the 5 dollars would be like finding a fossil with a lot of limestone on it. Going back to the dead man, the way to tell if someone had placed that 5-dollar bill is easy.

You see, once the man died, the taxman came and sewed the pocket of his pants shut with such good thread that no one could undo the sewing job but him.

One way to ascertain out how long life has been on our Earth is through radiometric dating.

Radiometric dating allows us to understand how long fossils have been around by ascertaining the decay of certain radioactive elements in them. Well let’s look at an analogy that will simplify this seemingly complex subject.

Is life younger than 7,000 years as is the claim of Young-Earth Creationists?

Others like some Jehovah’s Witnesses and Bible Students believe that the creative days of Genesis are each 7,000-years in length.

The taxman in our analogy would represent the radioactive decay of the C-14.

In the analogy, the taxman visited every 500 years.

This time he sees that there is 5 dollars left, so he takes half of the five, leaving the dead man with .50. The taxman will continually take half of whatever he finds, until there is so little money left that it really is not worth halving anymore.

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