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The model has also recently shared a few photos of herself and the singer on her Instagram page, including the one featured above. She’s about 5 years older than most girls he dates, so Kelly considers her a cougar,” joked one Twitter user. Kelly wrote ‘Age Aint nothing but a Number’ for Aaliyah when she was 15.As a result, many people on Twitter are speculating that the two are dating, and mocking the singer’s supposed new relationship. Kelly’s albums are older than his girlfriend,” while another user noted, “R. Kelly’s new gf wasn’t conceived yet when ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ topped the charts but c’mon, at 19 she’s actually a bit old for him.” One fan similarly quipped, “R. That should tell you everything you need to know.” These are just a few of the thousands of tweets mocking R.

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Here is the pretty young girl in a very sexy swimsuit.

We’ve listened to some music and took a couple of drinks backstage after my show and things like that…We did have a couple of drinks after the show, the Single Ladies tour and she did say she was she was single at one point. Kelly had to say about his alleged relationship with the reality star.

Kelly is trending for exactly what you’d think.” Given the R&B star’s history, one fan said, “No one is shocked that R. Kelly is the Woody Allen of black people,” while another person said, “I see R.

Kelly was in Atlanta yesterday with his 19-year-old girlfriend.

Aaliyah stated in court documents that she was underage at the time of marriage and, under Illinois state law, could not legally enter into marriage without parental consent.

On February 3, 2002, a video surfaced allegedly showing Kelly engaging in sex with, and urinating on, an underage girl. "The videotapes — and not just one videotape, numerous videotapes." It's no ordinary celebrity sex tape, he said."You watch the video for which he was indicted and there is the disembodied look of the rape victim. He urinates in her mouth and instructs her at great length on how to position herself to receive his 'gift.' It's a rape that you're watching.Kellz first met the blasian bombshell in February, when she and and her mother attended one of his concerts and had the chance to pay him a visit backstage. Another source claims that Kelly has been flying her and her mother around with him while he tours. Unfortunately, because of his past legal troubles when it comes to minors. Kelly and Aaliyah, however, both denied that the marriage occurred and even denied that their relationship had ever moved beyond friendship.So we're not talking about rock-star misbehavior, which men or women can do. Their lives were ruined."Kelly was in 2008, in large part because Kelly's victim declined to testify.

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