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Psychology teaches us that human faces attract people’s attention more easily than body parts do.

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You want to make him feel special by greeting him by name the next time you see him in your room. Most models don’t do this, so it will make you stand out in the best way. As soon as the show ends write his member name down with short notes on what he likes. If you have a table lamp with a shade, remove the shade and put the lamp next to your camera source; about a foot or two away.

On some sites you can input this info directly into the system and access it with the click of a button whenever he returns to your room. Keep that lamp pretty much even with your camera, meaning at about the same height.special light bulbs are needed; 100 watts works fine.

If you choose not to use toys as a cam girl you should have stockings, heels and lingerie to make up for it; and/or be comfortable with domination. Most sites give models some indication of whether a customer has money on their account or not.

It’s important to remember though, that even if someone is a guest with no money on their account, it only takes a minute or so to sign up with a credit card, and even less time to add money if they already have a card on file.

If you have a bright over head/ceiling light that’s a bonus.

With the ceiling light you can get away with not having the side lamp, but you really must have a bright one right behind your camera no matter what.(Your profile consists of your cam bio text --which should highlight what you want to offer-- and a few preview photos.)There’s no mathematical formula for my reasoning on this tip.

Not only is it against the rules of most sites to show nudity in free chat, it’s also a really silly thing to do if you plan to make money modeling on webcam.

Guys will say things like, “show nipple and I’ll go private,” but take it from someone who’s been doing this for years: the members who go private never ask for a free show first.

If I do reply, I say, with my sweetest smile, “aw, I’m sorry you’re having a bad day, but it’s all about fun in my chat room so I’m going to ban you now.” Then I say hello to someone else, to show I’ve moved on. Responding in such a way makes you stand out and it impresses them.

The spenders will then be more apt to take you in a paid private show.

How you determine whom to identify as a VIP is up to you.

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