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Tucked away at five to midnight on a Saturday evening, with a sister highlights package on Tuesday nights, the BBC’s weekly round-up has more of a cult feel than Sky’s glitzy live programming.

Here, Newsweek quizzes Umenyiora about the show, life as a NFL star and his pick for Super Bowl 51 in Houston on February 5.

Keep up with this story and more I came to work for the NFL.

Green Bay [Packers] have a wealth of playoff experience.

The way Green Bay is playing right now, I think it will be really difficult [to stop them]. Green Bay has been on this incredible run, they have been gaining momentum as the weeks have gone on.

You have a lot of people complaining, “Oh you want to take away my football, the way my game is played.” Well, you’re an idiot. If you can find a way to, not eliminate it but at least reduce the risk of those type of things happening, why wouldn’t you do that? I never had a concussion, I never was a “lead with my head” guy. But I had multiple surgeries on my body: on my hips, my knees. I’m 35 years old, and I can do pretty much whatever I want to. No question about that, I have been very very lucky.

And that’s all because of the National Football League, the things playing in the league has allowed me to do. I don’t think it will really have [as much of an effect] as people like to think.

But it’s a different league now, a different time and place.

The veteran leadership on that [offensive] side of the football, outside of Eli Manning, is just not there. We all have the information now about what these violent, repetitive head traumas are doing to players.

The thing you have to know about life is, perception is reality. I don’t know whether it was right or wrong for him to go to Miami and enjoy himself. When I see some of these things that he does that are quite silly, I just wish that somebody was there who could sit him down and be like, “Listen, you’re the most famous athlete probably in the world, the most famous football player by far.

What I do know was the actual broadcasting of it was quite a stupid thing to do. You don’t need to be doing these things.” Fantastic football player, fantastic person.

And you fight all season to get to a certain point, and you don’t want to go home.

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