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There are numerous options when it comes to creating your perfect resort island.You may add buildings, facilities and items from the following categories: You are also able to demolish facilities and buildings to earn coins. Here you can grow various crops to pick and collect, which you will be able to sell for coins.By making use of style gems as part of a row, style points will be awarded.

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There are no limits to the various tracks you can find and enjoy listening to.

With an endless amount of activities and games as well as all the opportunities that IMVU provides gamers, there is most certainly something for everyone.

Drag your curser over the various options and select the one you like best.

Here is where you are able to prove your skill and logic, while having fun at the same time.

You will need to complete the simple tasks required of you.

If you enter Resort World 5 days in a row, you will receive a precious stone.

If you can match 4 or more gems, you will also earn yourself an extra turn.

You may also select various style moves that will assist you in the game.

After collecting 4 stones, you will receive the Eiffel Tower.

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