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Aunque estas LIOs acomodativas son relativamente nuevas, sus resultados son prometedores, ya que aportan grandes amplitudes de acomodación y un mayor desplazamiento de la LIO que las LIO acomodativas de óptica simple.

Los resultados muestran una visión de cerca cómoda, unos índices elevados de satisfacción del paciente y unas mínimas complicaciones postoperatorias, tales como la opacificación capsular posterior y posterior, debido a su diseño y material.

When wearing distance correction but looking at near, 68 percent of the patients read J6, 86 percent read J8 (equal to print in a phone book) and 95 percent read J9 (newspaper print). Dougherty thinks reading speed may be an even better measure of efficacy, however, since he says it’s a real-world use of near vision, ra-ther than “showing someone optotypes on a chart and seeing how far you can push him.” At one year, in a test of 239 Tetraflex patients and 96 controls implanted with a three-piece collamer monofocal lens, the Tetraflex patients had statistically significantly higher reading speeds at all print sizes from 20/25 to 20/80, Dr. Seventy-five percent of the Tetraflex patients either never wore readers or wore them occasionally for small print or in dim light, vs. The study also looked at the amplitude of accommodation provided by the lens.

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The lens is injected in both eyes through incisions that measure about 2.8 mm.

The lens’s approval application is currently under review by the Food and Drug Administration.

In order to achieve that goal, dual-optic accommodating Intraocular Lenses have been designed, whose anterior optic displaces axially to increase ocular power, and focus near objects.

Although dual-optic accommodating IOLs are relatively new, their outcomes are promising, as they provide large amplitudes of accommodation and a greater IOL displacement than single-optic accommodating IOLs.

“A smaller pupil leads to more depth of focus, so I think that’s clearly part of the mechanism with all lenses that are dubbed accommodating.

However, if that were the only thing going on, then all monofocal acrylics would give reading vision, but they don’t.

“This is similar to what I have ob---served clinically,” avers Dr. “I find that the lens gets around 1.5 D of accommodation.

If a prospective candidate were in my office, I would tell him that, if he decided to have the lens implanted, he’d get excellent distance and intermediate vision and good reading, but that it’s hard to tell how much reading vision he’d get.

Como consecuencia, disminuye la capacidad de acomodación, lo que dificulta el enfoque de los objetos cercanos.

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