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If a technical access/sign-up using a certain program is spotted, such access shall be restricted to secure a service quality and safety as well as to protect the BAND members' personal information.Disposable accounts not for sustainable means of communication will be considered as abnormal information and may be put under limited service, so please check the information when registering or entering accounts.

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Please use 'report' feature if you witness a displeasing or disgraceful contents while chatting with your friends.

In order to provide the best possible chatting service, all reports are processed according to our policies and reported messages are hidden or disciplinary action is taken against users.

In addition, basic management of posts and information is the responsibility of the leader and writer, and BAND service does not guarantee any backups.

Your precaution is of a grave importance regarding the exposure of your personal information.

Please understand that such deletion request cannot be accepted since your chatting details cannot be accessed even by BAND for the protection of your privacy.

Instead, we are providing a feature for setting the chat storage period which can be used at your own discretion when you need to delete your chatting history or check the messages continuously.Please be careful when it comes to performing transactional activities.You can become closer with acquaintances through active invites and contents production activities by creating groups in BAND. Our matching is based on much more than the score, it’s just the beginning.BAND is an invitation-based community service among members where the meeting with valued friends and loved ones becomes more comfortable and intimate.Please also note that invitations which are unanswered for a certain period of time could be withdrawn.

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