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The K1000 didn’t have a motor drive, but I didn’t need the motor drive for non-skateboarding stuff (although i did use it at an out door Black Flag gig once i think…) D: Were you using wide-angle lenses out of necessity or to get a certain stylistic look?

G: Wide-angle lenses were kind of a necessity for me and my perspective, for skateboarding photos and then for music it was just the same.

I still use the same old Tri-X for Black and White, T-Max 3200, there’s some other stuff that will look decent, but it just won’t have the “look” nor the archival quality that Kodachrome had. It’s never been about the equipment or film, it’s about the eye.

A good film is like a good brush for a painter i would guess.

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They stopped making it about five or six years ago, so the stuff that I have is the stuff that’s in the refrigerator until I use it.

There’s only one place in the whole world that will develop Kodachrome still and that is in Kansas somewhere – that’s it, this year is the end of it.

I like to be as close to the action and the intensity as possible, but still show some of the background or environment.

And if you’re using a tight lens, you don’t see that.

So, I like to be close but also show the peripheral vision of what a wide-angle lens does.

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